Courses of Regional Cooking and Napolitain pastry

School of cooking EFOPASS organizes courses of Regional cooking, Napolitain pastry, cooking of health and fast cooking with foodstuff, pasta, vegetables, mozzarella, meats, wines and liqueurs of Campania.
All lessons will last 4 days for 4 daily hours.
It can attend a single lesson too, according to school calendar.
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La Vera Cucina Napoletana

The Napolitain cooking, is very varied and it is one of the most complete in Europe.

It arises and modifies itself through secular contacts with Mediterranean and North-European cultures that influenced tastes and flavours obtaining special dishes and many refined recipes.

Those people who want to know the secrets and the techniques of this ancient gastronomical tradition, our school offers the chance to learn the preparation techniques of the Napolitain cuisine’s main dishes.

Cooking classes will develop into our lab, and the members, time after time, will prepare first and second courses, vegetables and sweets of the Parthenopean tradition.

Our cooks will be assisted by a simultaneous translator, in order to allow our foreigner guests an easy comprehension of all practical activities.

Parthenopean Cuisine

It is surely one of the most prestigious in the world.
It has a great variety of typical courses known for their nutritional characteristics.
Pulses, vegetables, fish and olive oil, accurately prepared, offer delicious courses.
In each lesson will be prepared choice of first courses based on pasta, pulses, meat, rice, cheese etc. etc
Choice of second courses based on meat, vegetables, "mozzarella", molluscs etc. etc.
Choice of vegetables based on aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, artichokes etc. etc.
Students, in each lesson, will prepare a complete menu and each course will be served with the best wines of Campania.
In the end of the day’s work, students are going to achieve a score and a final marking for each test.

Pasta con ragù alla genovese

Pasta alla Genovese

Classic recipe with origins in the Renaissance: onions, meat and history!

Pizza di scarole

Pizza di Scarole

A superb Christmas tradition, but to eat at any time of the year.

sea ​​flavors

Sea ​​Flavors

Impepata di Cozze (mussels), Alici fritte (fried anchovies), Spaghetti ai Frutti di Mare (spaghetti with seafood). All the dishes you expect to find in a seaside town like Napoli.

Parmigiana di melanzane

Parmigiana di Melanzane

Fried eggplants assembled with tomato sauce, mozzarella and love.


Wines of Campania

In each course, will be introduced the main wines of Campania and how they should be served.

Napolitain Pastry

It is an ancient tradition and a perfect combination of shapes and colours, inherited by different dominations: Greek, Roman, French and Spanish.
Students will prepare typical napolitain sweets and cakes: "sfogliatelle", "babà", "pastiera", etc.
The subjects are about:

  1. Introductionof ingredients and their preservation techniques.
  2. Preparation techniques and use of utensils for pastry.
  3. Time cooking and preparation time.
  4. Preparation and tasting of the course; valuation and final score.


Magic shell-shaped filled.



Small yeast cake saturated in syrup made with Rum.

sea ​​flavors


Sweet fried balls mixed with honey.



Queen of the Neapolitan pastry, a cake with thousand perfumes.

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